Who doesn’t want to feel the peace that comes through a good energy session or the joy of knowing that you have support as you choose your life’s path?

Wild (Reiki) Energy Session


This one hour session promotes deep relaxation, alignment of the chakras and optimal energy flow.

After Transition Closure for Pets

As a pet psychic I am able to help pet owners connect with their passed on loved one. This usually helps resolve issues that may surface as a result of the illnesses and deaths of a loving companion.

Akashic Field Consultation

This 90 minute consultation helps individuals with their life‘s path. This is accomplished not by looking backwards; rather it is through discernment about our true desires.

One Card Consult

15 minutes. A brief reading for life’s simple questions.

Three Card Consult

A 30 minute reading for insight into our relationships with coworkers, friends and family.

The Gift Consult

A consultation of the Akashic Field using cards as an added tool. 
Channeled Meditations

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These group meditations have been reinstated after a three-year hiatus. They take place at a location that is more suitable for the comfort of multiple people.

The comments of past participants include “Deep,” “Divine Presence” and “Big Energy Boost.”

By far the most popular services offered are the channeled meditations. I believe this is because the attendance of like-minded individuals serves to amplify universal love and strengthens my connection to the Divine.

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