Gifts for the Home and Garden along with Fine Art and Artistic Creations by various local artists.


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Scented candles help create an illusion.

  • Our soy candle vendors include RareEssence, Eco Candle Company and Eleven Point Fragrance Merchants. All of our candle lines are hand crafted in the USA. 
  • LuxuryLite LED Indoor/Outdoor remote control candles.
  • Essential oil room sprays from RareEssence.
  • Fancy Matches in glass jars and Wickman candle tools complement the candle lines.
  • The Candles shown are Eleven Point's hand poured, 11 Oz soy blend Pumpkin Please in a tortoise shell glass vessel (3.5 x 4.)

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Tarot and Oracle Decks from US Games and Findhorn Press, Crow Letterpress Notebook, Fancy Matches and Essential Oil Soy Candle.

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Flying Wish Paper and Confetti Matches.

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Handmade artisan jewelry from various local artists and Project Halo jewelry that donates 25% of its net profits to charity.

And More!

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  • Wei Chocolate is a paleo, vegan, gmo and gluten-free meditative chocolate line.
  • A small book selection.
  • Peepers reading glasses.
  • Prime My Body Hemp products.
  • Sand Straw reusable straws.
  • Various gift items such as rain chains, hand carved teak bowls, mermaid ornaments and angel figurines

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Reusable Stainless Steel Straws. 3 Straws & a cleaning brush all in a reusable pouch.

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Punch-out Greeting Cards.

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Delicate Morse Code Necklaces spelling out words like Brave, Blessed and Free.

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Morse Code Necklace, Flying Wish Paper & Fancy Matches

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