Ice, Third in the Movement Series, was inspired by Tomasz Wozniak's (@tomasz.wozniak.fotografia) image of ice on Baikal Lake.

Besides trying to capture the energy of movement, I also wanted to convey the transparency of the ice. This was achieved by using Acrylic Ink as well as Acrylic on the 8" x 10" Wood Panel. 

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Reflections, painted in 2019, is forth in the Movement Series.
It is acrylic on canvas and measures 36" x 48"

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Orange Space  Painted in 2019 as the second in the Movement Series.  Fluid acrylic and acrylic ink on canvas.  11" x 14"


Wave, first in the Movement Series.  Painted in 2019 using oils, acrylics and ink on wood board.

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